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Stress & lifestyle

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects people in different ways. For some people, experiencing stressful life events may trigger or aggravate symptoms. The irregularity of the condition can also be extremely disruptive to daily living and make it difficult for some people to work while symptoms are present.

Gaining control of IBS and not letting the disorder rule you is an important aspect of living with the condition in the long term. A healthy lifestyle and sensible diet can help improve symptoms in many people. Managing stress through calming exercises such as yoga can also be beneficial.

  • The benefits of exercise

Exercising regularly should be part of everyone’s daily routine and not just for those who have IBS. Yoga exercises are thought to be of particular benefit for people with IBS as these involve focussed breathing techniques and gentle stretching that can de-stress as well as provide a good workout.


  • Healthier living

In addition to ensuring that you eat a healthy diet, try to limit the amount of alcohol that you drink. If you smoke it is always a good health choice to cut back, or better still to stop smoking altogether.

  • Awaken the senses

While there is no proven medical benefit, some people may find aromatherapy to be helpful. Psychological therapies such as hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy have also shown some success in treating individuals with IBS. These alternative approaches to therapy can help you de-stress, but you should first seek the medical advice of your doctor or pharmacist.