“My IBS is very severe at the moment. I had a colonscopy in 2011 and was diagnosed with it then. I am booked in for an endoscopy at the beginning of August as I am now having problems in my upper left quadrant. I have been suffering terrible cramps and bloating and food is not passing through my stomach properly. I have been given Buscopan tablets several times by my GP but unfortunately they do not touch the pain. She also gave me Lansoprole, which just gives me chronic diarrhea, so I have had to stop it!
I ended up in A & E twice over last 6 weeks and when they give Buscopan to me intravenously it works, but that is of no use at home! In desperation I asked my pharmacist if he could suggest anything that would help the cramps and bloating and he suggested Kolanticon Gel. I was sceptical but had nothing to lose. I take it after meals as I know that is when the trouble is going to start! I can only eat very small meals at the moment. It has helped me a great deal and I live in hope that once I have had my endoscopy and found out what the pain is ‘up top’ I will hopefully be able to cope a bit better. Kolanticon Gel seems to ease the cramps better. It has an antisposmodic (different than buscopan) antiflatulent and an antacid. So it is helping me a bit with my pain ‘up top’ too. My pharmacist has told me I may be able to get it on prescription so I am going to ask my GP next time I see her. It is about £9.00 for 500ml, which is quite a big bottle. I am just turned 60, and am entitled to free prescriptions, so I am certainly going to ask her! It may not work for everyone but it has helped me cope a bit better, while I am waiting for the endoscopy. I really was in severe pain. Hope this helps some of you fellow sufferers.”

J Lancashire